3 Steps to Achieving Personalisation at Scale

Customers are demanding increasingly individualised consumer experiences. Being able to cut through and connect with audiences through relevant messaging and doing so at scale, is more valuable than ever to brands.

Personalisation is becoming an expectation and brands are challenged with scaling relevant messaging across all channels and throughout the customer journey, even post-purchase.

Natasha Willmott, Client Partner at Indicia Worldwide spoke to Oliver Fisher, Director of Media and Capability at ITV, to reveal the key to generating consumer centric marketing that delivers personalisation at scale, helping brands boost engagement, offering an enhanced consumer experience and skyrocketing ROI.

1. Get on board

Making sure you’ve got the right stakeholders on board from the start can save a lot of time and friction further down the line. Focus on one or two key stakeholders and the benefits they need to see over time and align your strategy to these objectives. Having a clear goal of what you’re trying to achieve and who you’re trying to reach and by which means is vital. This will save you time cutting the wrong corners and instead make effective use of your limited budget, time and people.

Personalisation is not a destination, it should be ingrained into your data-driven marketing strategy. Get your marketing team on-side early and make sure the business is aligned with the objectives you’re trying to reach and problems you’re looking to solve. Gathering and analysing data from across the business can divulge priceless insights into customer habits. Marketing teams can take these consumer insights and embed 1-2-1 marketing practices into their current strategy, engaging customers at every stage of the customer journey to increase Customer Lifetime Value. 

2. Content is king

Creating great content that is right for the viewer is crucial. ITV aim to look at relevancy at scale. To achieve that level of success, it’s important to ensure that each group of viewers is served relevant content, “so that the content I give to you, you consider king, but the content I give somebody else they consider king”. That is what drives performance.

3. Right place, right time

Customer centricity, or viewer centricity in the case of ITV, is essential for achieving personalisation at scale. As we’ve discussed, that means taking the right message to the right viewer. To take that to the next level, critically, is to make sure that you take that message to a viewer at the point where there is an opportunity for them to consume more.

This is what we mean by opportunity scoring. For example, being able to look at ITV’s database of viewers and identify not only individuals who love drama, but when each viewer has capacity in their lives to watch some more content, and then make sure you serve the relevant message to them on the right platform, at that right time.

It’s about “marrying data and tech with hearts and minds” – reaching audience members authentically, with relevancy and with the right tech platforms in place to help you achieve this quickly and with scale.

Author written by Natasha Willmott, Client Partner, Indicia Worldwide