Shopper and Retail Marketing Status 2017

What's happened since our 2017 State of Retail Marketing survey?

In 2017, for Australian retail marketing – people resources, budgets, education and c-suite support were all static.

What’s changed since then? Shop! ANZ, together with Norrelle Goldring Senior Director at House of Brand, have put together some key outtakes from 2017 ahead of the Shopper and Retail Marketing Industry Survey launch next week.

Shopper and Retail Marketing Status 2017:

  • Shopper marketing becoming more strategic
  • Burgeoning digital/social activities although mobile (apps, NFC and location based promotions) still low-ish
  • Measurement low but increasing
  • Retailers placing limits on what is executed
  • Beginnings of growing use of retailer media assets
  • Fewer bigger better mantra
  • 1/3 expected to increase resources for category management, retail marketing, customer marketing
  • In sum, some improvements in strategy, measurement, digital, test and learn since 2014. But pace of change is slow
  • Inertia: Brand manufacturers a combination of ‘templated’ (resulting in ‘lazy’), junior, understaffed, risk averse, resigned/punch drunk in dealing with retailers
  • Best Practice: considered to be internal and external collaboration. Not there yet for most, particularly externally
  • Insights: Doing more with less means insights perceived to be growing sector to help with proving ROI. However little evidence of increased investment in insights sources or people
  • The industry improving its skills, but there is a ceiling on innovation and effectiveness due to retailer and c-suite limitations, particularly in FMCG. Brands and agencies putting more focus on what they can control.

What's changed since 2017 when the last study was run? Get involved!

Shop! Australia and New Zealand is calling on shopper and retail marketing professionals from all retail-related disciplines to participate in the triennial Shop! ANZ Shopper and Retail Marketing Industry Survey.

The survey will take place in March 2020 with links to be sent to Shop! ANZ website subscribers. All participants will receive a copy of the full findings report.

A summary of findings will be presented at the Shop! ANZ Professional Development Series events in Sydney on 7 May and Melbourne on 13 May.

The survey will be conducted by Shop! ANZ together with Norrelle Goldring Senior Director at House of Brand. Norrelle founded the Shopper Marketing industry benchmark study in 2010 and has continued to conduct the important industry research every three years since.

Keep an eye out for the survey email with links from March 9.

Please email with any questions.

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