Over two mornings so you won't be stuck at your screen all day long, we'll run from 9:30am to 12:30pm, Tuesday 13 September and Wednesday 14 September. We want to take you on a deep dive into the current structure and future outlook of ANZ retail marketing and provide you with some ideas and solid direction on what you can do right now to best market your brands, as well as some examples of those who have already started down this path.

You'll have opportunities to ask questions of the presenter at the end of each section, and we'll leave time for short breaks throughout to stretch your legs and grab a drink. A limited number of tickets are available to this online event. All tickets include access to digital recordings prior to the event. 

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9:35am Tuesday 13 September
Simon Miles, VP, Omnichannel Customer Platforms, The Coca-Cola Company 

Simon is the Vice President for OmniChannel customer strategy for Global Customers at Coca-Cola. Simon has been a recognized Digital leader for many years including working on the Walmart International business at Coca-Cola and leading all Digital development in GB when at Coca-Cola European Partners.

He joined the Coca-Cola system in 2006 and has held a number of senior commercial roles including Category Planning, Shopper Marketing and Account Management. Prior to joining the Coca-Cola system Simon worked in a number of different Marketing roles in Tobacco, Scoot.com, World Rally Championship and as a consultant across Europe and Asia.

TOPIC: The Future Of Digital Commerce

Simon's presentation will give audience members an overview of key trends Coca-Cola UK foresees, looking across three timescales: here now, emerging, and future. 

He will delve into how the consumer shopping journey has changed post-pandemic, the opportunity for artificial intelligence and machine learning, how personalisation has changed retail, and the connected home.

Simon will also take a look at newer trends, such as community buying, and web 3.0 and how all of these will impact on Coke and FMCG's future operations.

10:20am Tuesday 13 September
Peter Hardy, General Manager - Head of Retail, YouFoodz

Peter is a senior leader with over 30 years’ FMCG experience making significant contributions to building businesses, categories, organisations. Recognised as a strong leader with a proven track record of success. Known as a leader who thinks and acts decisively, operates with discipline, is adaptable, resilient and grows organisational capability. Thrives on building businesses and expansions to win in the market.

TOPIC: Youfoodz Turnaround & Business Transformation 

Youfoodz has been on a journey over the last nine years, as one of the pioneers in the Ready-Made Meals category and has had many exciting moments balanced with some challenges. But when Peter arrived as Head of Retail, Youfoodz were declining at 11% in a category seeing double digit growth. This presentation will walk you through Youfoodz journey back into growth and its contribution to overall category growth.

11:10am Tuesday 13 September
Georgia Bruton, Managing Partner, Wunderman Thompson

Georgia is Managing Partner, Shopper at Wunderman Thompson and is one of the most respected retail and shopper marketing practitioners in Australia. Georgia plays a leadership role in the ANZ and local Melbourne management team, and oversees the shopper discipline across ANZ, working in partnership with some of the regions’ most innovative retail and brand marketers including Simplot, Treasury Wine Estate, Life-Space Probiotics, Costa, Liquor, Grocery and Fashion Retailers.

TOPIC: Future Shopper 2022

Social media, investment in e-commerce and the influence of marketplaces continues to drive the increase in spend through e-commerce, this intelligence plus much more comes from Wunderman Thompson Commerce’s Future Shopper Report 2022, one of the largest commerce studies, with 31,040 online shoppers participating globally across 18 markets and 2,000 respondents in Australia alone. This presentation will give you all the key Australian headlines of the Future Shopper study for you to take into your business.

11:55am Tuesday 13 September
Joel Steel, CEO and Co-Founder, Komo

Joel Steel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Komo, Australia's leading MarTech platform that allows brands to easily create a digital destination filled with branded, interactive content, competitions, gamified experiences and rich media. Steel is a thought leader in gamification, data capture and digital engagement and works with the Komo team across multiple industries including sport, retail, FMCG, automotive, commercial real estate, entertainment, and many more. 

TOPIC: How the death of the cookie has led us to zero-party data (+ what that even means) 

As consumers become increasingly protective of their data, things are changing. Google's imminent phasing-out of the third-party cookie is rapidly approaching, but data capture is becoming more important than ever. How do you collect data without third-party cookies? There is in fact a much better way. Enter zero-party data. In this session, Joel Steel will break down this new form of data collection; how to define it, how it differs from the data capture methods you’d be more familiar with and why you need to make it a part of your marketing strategy to engage your audience, increase brand loyalty and ultimately, drive measurable business growth. 


9:35am Wednesday 14 September
Sven Lindell, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer at Winning Group 

Sven is a proven senior business leader implementing world class e-commerce and digital marketing strategies, with a strong background in buyer behaviour, digital marketing, CRM techniques, SEM, SEO and multi-channel sales.

He has worked for brands including Temple and Webster, Woolworths Limited and Rebel Group and is the Chef Marketing and Digital Officer role at Winning Group.


TOPIC: The Winning Way - A Retail/ Logistic/Tech/ Experience-Led/Customer obsessed/Team Business (but not like any other!)

The Winning Group has always had a simple mission. To create "the world's best shopping experience". This presentation will deep-dive into this award winning business. A business hell bent on not following the status-quo and breaking down retail perceptions and norms. Sven will talk a little bit about how they have done it and what it takes for a business to thrive in this ever-changing world.

10:20am Wednesday 14 September
Lena Heto, Shopper Marketing Specialist POS, Mondelez International 

Lena is an artist and graphic designer by passion, and works in the fun world of Chocolate managing projects and creating fit for purpose Point of Sale Displays for some of the biggest campaigns in Supermarkets, including Halloween, Christmas and Easter for Cadbury. Lena’s approach to the campaigns is one of continuous strive for improvement, efficiencies and more importantly, sustainability.

Lena has been working at Mondelez International for almost 8 years and loves every moment of it!

TOPIC: Creativity vs Sustainability, what matters more?

Creativity vs Sustainability. Can you have the best of both worlds? Join us at the Retail Marketing in 2022 Conference when Lena Heto, Shopper Marketing Specialist POS and Mondelez International will discuss how you can be more sustainable whilst still bring creative and visually impactful in POS.

Lena will also discuss how Mondelez international has started to phase out non-recyclable materials and how they sought different suppliers that supports sustainability and their footprint.

11:10am Wednesday 14 September
Nathaniel Tupou, General Manager ANZ; Peter Doran, Customer Marketing Manager; Jeremy Attinger, Category Manager - v2food

TOPIC: Creating a Protein Category for the Future

Launched in 2019, v2food is an Australian plant-based meat start-up.) partnered with iconic independent retailer Drakes Supermarkets to launch a category-leading in-store display highlighting v2’s range of plant-based meat alternatives.

There is an increasing demand globally for the plant-based meat category however shopper’s ability to find product instore among established animal proteins has been a barrier to converting new category entrants.  

v2food is looking towards meat aisles of the future, where plant-based protein features prominently alongside animal proteins, providing Australians with the option to choose plant-based or animal protein products as the key ingredient for their favourite meals.

In 2021, it teamed up with Drakes Supermarkets to begin this journey, with an innovative fixture display the first step in creating scalable merchandise solutions across all retailers within Australia which firmly establish plant-based products as true alternatives to their animal meat counterparts.

As future global demand on protein places increased pressure on animal agriculture supply chains, plant-based protein plays an important role within the meat category.

This presentation will focus on v2's progress so far in creating and growing a brand new category in the cut-throat supermarket landscape.

11:55am Wednesday 14 September
Paul Dobbin, Shopper Lens (New Zealand)

Paul Dobbin is a New Zealand based Shopper Strategist and Consultant. An accomplished marketing creative before moving into planning and strategy, Paul’s agency experience working on many of A/NZ’s biggest household brands has given him a wealth of insight. His insatiable curiosity and breadth of expertise across FMCG channels and categories, including global trends and local nuances, make him a valuable contributor in this space.

TOPIC: Make your Shopper Marketing more strategic.

Is it time to wag the dog? How can the bottom of the funnel play a bigger role in shaping FMCG fortunes. Join us at the Retail Marketing in 2022 Conference when Paul Dobbin, Consulting Shopper Strategist, will discuss how you can make your efforts matter more.

Paul brings his unique view of the marketing landscape to bear on the challenges that continue to frustrate Shopper success and the opportunities lying in wait for smart marketers. 


Single Day or Two Day passes are available for purchase, with a limited number of tickets available to this online event. All tickets include access to digital recordings prior to the event.

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Ticket includes access to digital presentation recordings prior to the event.