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What is the course?

An introductory online course which provides an understanding of the fundamentals of shopper marketing across 5 self-paced modules. Course topics include definitions, retail objectives, POP drivers, the path to purchase and shopper behaviour.

Who is it for?

The course is for anyone involved in the retail and shopper marketing industry including brand, marketing, design, account management, sales and finance staff that need an understanding of shopper marketing.

Course content

1. Shopper Marketing Definitions

• Why Shopper? Shopper vs. Consumer
• Shopper Insights
• What is Shopper Research?
• Shopper Marketing Defined

2. Understanding Retail Objectives

• Understanding business models
• Retailer vs. supplier priorities
• Retailer business drivers
• Key retail objectives
• The “Five Way Multiple”
• Retailer needs and desired outcomes

3. Point of Purchase (POP) Drivers

• What are POP Drivers?
• Range
• Space & Layout
• Visibility
• Price
• Promotion
• Persuasion

4. Path to Purchase

• What is the Shopper Path to Purchase (P2P)?
• The Traditional P2P
• Touchpoints Along the P2P
• The Impact of Digital and Mobile Technology
• Introducing Moments of Truth
• The Holistic Approach – Pre, In and Post

5. Shopper Behaviour

• How and why they shop
• How: Purchase Decision Hierarchies
• How: Navigation
• Why: Lifestage
• Why: Occasions
• Why: Missions

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