New Sustainability Tools now available

Shop! ANZ is committed to industry-wide action on sustainability, with a new portfolio of tools, products and resources to boost our members’ environmental credentials. 

With both Member and Non-Member pricing available, find out below how you can benefit by using our range of tools to help improve your sustainability performance.

Sustain® Global Eco-Design Indicator Tool

Powered by Shop! ANZ, Sustain® is a dedicated indicator tool for the global retail display industry. Already in use by retailers and brands across the UK, Sustain® measures the environmental impact of your design supply chain, materials, processes, and end of life to provide a truly independent analysis and benchmarking system of the environmental performance of retail display.

Click here to find out why you should use Sustain® to measure the environmental impacts of your displays.

Sustainability Standard from SHOP! ANZ

The Sustainability Standard from Shop! ANZ is an industry specific, recognised and relevant framework for environmental excellence for suppliers in the retail display industry.

It provides a 7-stage framework empowering a company to develop internal systems, design displays sustainably, and collaborate with their value chain to improve performance.

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To speak to the Shop! ANZ team about how you can integrate these tools into your business, call or email (02) 9281 2630 or