Shop! POP Search Engine

Welcome to Shop! Australia and New Zealand's POP image gallery!

We have created the gallery platform using Flickr. Flickr is a photo-sharing and hosting service.

Once you have an account and are a Shop! ANZ "friend", you can also download the app, and view our images anytime, anywhere!

Search for images of POP displays, Windows and Store Visits. There are 4,000 images to browse from Australia and around the globe.

  • New store visits
  • Seasonal displays including Christmas and Easter
  • POP displays
  • Window displays from around the globe
  • Globalshop images
  • Euroshop images
  • You will also find images of Shop! ANZ Award Entries

The Shop! POP Search Engine has been created for Shop! ANZ Members. You need to be a member to access the image library.

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Process to use the Shop! ANZ POP Search Engine

Do you have a Shop! ANZ Company Membership or an Individual Membership?

  • If your company is a member, find out who your “Business Administrator” is for your team’s Shop! Australia and New Zealand membership (usually the person who approves invoices / champions the account etc.). If you are not sure, email and we will let you know.
  • If you are an individual member (such as an Alumni member or you are the only person at your business that uses the Shop! ANZ membership), skip to the next section.


1.  Create a Flickr account

Get your Shop! ANZ Business Administrator to create a Flickr account.

Flickr is a free photo sharing service, and you will only need a basic account to access the Shop! ANZ POP Search Engine.

You will only need one account for your company. The login for this account can then be shared with individuals in your business.

For company memberships, we recommend that you use your main sales or similar email account to set up your Flickr account e.g. sales@company, info@company, hello@company etc.

We recommend using a common email address because after your have access to the Shop! ANZ gallery, you will need to give team members these login details that would like/need access to Shop! ANZ photos.

Individual team members do not need access the email account. It is only used to login. Only the primary business administrator needs to have access to the email address so they can set up the account, update passwords etc.

Create your Flickr account >>>


2.  Now you have a Flickr account, follow these steps to become a Shop! ANZ "Friend"

When you become a Shop! ANZ friend on Flickr, you will have access to all of our images!

Process to become a "Friend":

  1. View our account
  2. Select “follow” Shop! ANZ. You will NOT see images at this point. Shop! ANZ needs to add you as a "Friend" first, but following Shop! ANZ triggers us to add you as a "Friend".
  3. Shop! ANZ will add you as a “Friend” after you start following us. We will only add Shop! ANZ Members as Flickr "Friends".
  4. Adding you as a “Friend” enables you to see all photos in the Shop! ANZ gallery.
  5. You will then receive an email from with helpful tips to help you find what you are looking for.

If you have any questions about the POP Search Engine, please contact Nichola on