HH Global


About Us

HH Global is an independent company which has been a market leader in assessment led outsourced procurement and creative production services for leading brands for more than 29 years.

We provide a range of services to support clients and their agencies, managing 360 degree retail omni-channel activation, supported by more than 360 employees in the Asia Pacific region. We develop innovative solutions that drive down the cost of our clients’ marketing procurement and content development, while improving quality, sustainability and speed to market.

Our clients also rely on us for retail & category strategy, shopper activation, customer data collation and analysis of insights across the shopper journey, with data reporting tools to assist with informed decision making and planning.


Our creative team is world class. With expert and dedicated content development resources we can help your business bring your creative strategies to life, providing collaboration from art-working through approvals to adaptation, into structural 3D and rendering designs for 3 Dimensional POS. With 130 designers in 19 studios spanning 4 continents and 11 countries, we are a truly global team that follows the sun to provide 24/5 design services to guarantee consistent brand quality, across all media, markets, and languages. Our design teams thrive on creative challenges and have a strong competitive drive for success in all channels.


Put your marketing supply chain in the hands of the experts and discover operational flexibility to deliver campaign-focused programmes across all channels in print. Our technology stack will streamline your procurement management while ensuring transparency throughout the process. Unlock new value from all parts of the supply chain while protecting your brand, tracking performance, and preserving resources. All with one partner in one tailored solution.


We deliver full end to end expertise in 3 Dimensional POS delivery, be it cardboard, plastic, metal or timber. We will help with the creation of your POS alongside your marketing teams to ensure the brief is transferable to the manufacturing elements, delivering innovation multiplied by lower delivery costs using more sustainable, longer-life materials.

From kitting and distribution to print-on-demand through our e-Catalog, our technology stack will streamline your POS management while ensuring transparency throughout the process.


Understand your customer’s on and offline behaviours, the journey they take and the actions and decisions they make to ensure optimal return on your marketing dollar. HH Interactive is our data specialist company that works to personalise your customer’s journey and brand experience, developing a physical-to-digital bridge in the retail environment to maximise the financial return that each contact point creates.


Rationalise the supply chain, reduce complexity, lower operating costs, and sharpen focus on core areas. All your packaging needs managed under one team, supported by an industry-leading technology platform. Deploy expert resources to manage and simplify tactics, and stay focused on relationships and strategy.


Premiums and promotional items designed to fit into your inbound and outbound marketing strategies with operational flexibility to deliver campaign-focused programmes across all channels. Enforce the value of your brand by making an eco-conscious choice from our range of premiums produced from renewable resources to create less waste, or let us design a bespoke item for your business. We are committed to ethical sourcing, product testing and safety, with firm quality assurance protocols in place for every product.


Everywhere businesses need to be, HH Global is there for you. Around the world, around the clock, clients get exactly what they want, when and where they need it.


For more information contact:

Amanda Imrie Retail and Sustainability Director - APAC and India