The power of SmartSpotter relies on mobile crowdsourcing. Thousands of motivated shoppers throughout Australia can provide all the information you need at any time. All they need to do is to check assignments available at their location.

Use SmartShopper for:


Get more control over your SKUs’ turnovers and shelving plan. SmartSpotter provides instant OSA & OOS readings along with sales-effect analysis.

Store compliance

Spotters are your eyes in the field. Increase the value of your in-store activities by ensuring your shop floor usage follows your planning.


Real-time information presented over time and location. Without monitoring compliance, in-store agreements can be as low as 66%.


Resource optimization. Integrate your field sales team with the SmartSpotter platform and share results with any stakeholder.


Track and boost the efficiency of your promotions. You can alert your field sales team of any location that needs their attention. 


How do prices fluctuate over time? Get insight of the price level of your products online or in-store per retailer.

SmartSpotter is Shop!'s 2020 Shopper Research Partner

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