10 Quick Tips to Write a Winner

10 Simple Tips for a Great Entry

Great Shop! entries don't always come with an abundance of insights, data and analytics. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to either access or be able to publicly use detailed data to support your entry, due to client confidentiality. How to work with that? Here are some simple strategies to make the most out of the information that you have.

By Zita Watkin, Shop! ANZ

Some of 2019's winning Shop! ANZ entries

10 Ways to make entries stand out!

1. The money shot - Sounds sexy and it's supposed to! Your primary image needs to look sleek, sharp and sexy.

2. The 3 P's - Great in-market Photo, great Product, Great Promotion! It's easy to answer the questions when your entry ticks these 3 simple boxes.

3. Stand out from the crowd - Make an impact by standing out from the other entries expected in that category.

4. Wannabe - "I wish that was my campaign!". Write an entry that is designed to make people wish it were theirs!

5. Say only what you need to say - Less is more. Keep the entry fresh and to a minimum, rather than a maximum.

6. Use point form - Who wants to read an essay?

7. Objectives and Results - These 2 should match up. Sounds simple, but think like this whilst writing to ensure that you keep the entry on track for success.

8. Can't use sales data? - Focus on other positives like brand , market, and cost effectiveness.

9. The word on the street -  Think shopper! Apart from your client, talk to other people in the office, designers, your friends and family. Show them images and have a chat about the activation with people that actually might be the target market!

10. Edit Edit Edit - Ask at least 3 people to read your submission. A good entry should be constantly revisited aver 3-4 weeks.


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