The Journey of POPAI to Shop! The Evolution of our Industry.

POPAI ANZ has been serving Australia and New Zealand as the sole industry body covering Instore/POP display and retail marketing since 1996 as part of a global network.

In the past 10 years, this industry has undergone significant change and as a result, the types of businesses and services POPAI caters to has also changed.

POPAI has recognised and embraced this shift in the landscape, having moved from an initial focus on point of purchase and instore marketing to a more wholistic approach to retail marketing.

The new name Shop! will allow the Association to:

  • Ensure our continued evolution reflects that of the retail marketing landscape
  • Better reflect our changing membership and services offering
  • Attract new businesses that did not previously connect with the POPAI name
  • Fall in line with a name change by the US parent
  • For members, this step ensures the Association's┬árelevance to the industry and continued engagement with the community we represent, and will bring with it new opportunities for both the businesses and individuals.

We are working on the progressive rollout of a number of new initiatives for members over 2019.