L'Occitane - Sustainable Pop Up ‘Refill Station in the Middle of Nature’

DisplayWise was awarded this cleverly designed brief from L’Occitane to feature in the 10m x 10m space at Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne for a period of 4 weeks.

Inspired by the taps of their refill station, L’Occitane Australia approached DisplayWise with a design brief which incorporated the local French brewery culture and to showcase their new brand identity – Cultivators of Change – into a modern space.

The challenge itself was to research, procure and build the entire structure derived from environmentally friendly materials. This included the printed visuals to paint applications as well as the house structure, freestanding walls and the floor.

DisplayWise worked closely with L’Occitane to understand their vision for a sustainable pop-up store. The key objectives were to showcase the L’Occitane product range with their signature ‘refill station’ in an eco-friendly way.

Sustainable Flowery L'Occitane Brand Activation at Chadstone Mall by DisplayWise

The choice of OSB recycled woodchip floor had two benefits; one being that it is the most environmentally friendly material to produce as well as it being adequate for load bearing structures. The brand essence of ‘We GROW Nature, We ACT Locally, We REVEAL Wonders’ was then hand stencil applied onto the flooring using a non-toxic pigment paint.

The feature house structure, as well as the shelving, table and point of sale display were all constructed from plywood. In addition to this, the large visuals that were prominent on the instagrammable wall as well as on the two large freestanding walls were PVC-free with a vegetable coating. This type of material meant it was 47% biodegradable and that the fabrication consumed less than 50% water compared to classic fabrics.

DisplayWise successfully delivered L’Occitane’s vision, to produce this pop-up with the new brand identity as well as sourcing eco-friendly materials for construction. 

Without compromising on quality, brand exposure or impact, the DisplayWise team created this bespoke display to be reused and repurposed at other locations which aims to further reduce the carbon footprint. 

Sustainable Flowery L'Occitane Brand Activation at Chadstone Mall by DisplayWise

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