Shop! 2021 Christmas Retail Display Report out now!


Over the last four weeks in the countdown to Christmas Day, the Shop! ANZ team, with the help of New Zealand’s Paul Dobbin of Shopper Lens, have spent our days scouring retail across the two countries for the best examples of Christmas activations and POS displays.

2021 marks Shop! ANZ’s third annual Christmas Retail POP Display Report, and this year I have to admit, it has been harder to find stand out examples of Christmas displays instore. That’s not to say they’re not out there, it’s just that there are fewer than previous years, and the larger more impressive pieces are limited to a handful of stores spread across the country.

This is the case for both Australia and New Zealand. There are more examples of brands using identical POP across the two countries than we’ve seen previously, and as Paul has reported, a huge increase in NZ of Christmas hampers and tinsel in NZ FMCG.

Of course, the usual suspects in the confectionery and baking sectors have shown up with all guns blazing across both countries, and when it comes to store windows, the multi-nationals have kept up the pace, although POP displays in 2021 have a much smaller footprint, largely to do with tightened clean aisle policies in the wake of Covid Restrictions.

Noticeably absent has been Christmas representation across liquor retailers – BWS has this year chosen to focus on a Summer theme over the coming months, while Dan Murphy’s contribution to Christmas has been equally bereft, with the liquor brands themselves focused more on Christmas gifting than the store’s POS.

Stand outs this year in terms of retailers for me were Woolworths and Sephora in terms of both volume of activations, displays and effort.

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