Shoppers think pop-ups can revitalise retail

Shoppers think pop-ups can revitalise retail 

Survey Published in Retail Design World UK / 22 July 2019

More than two thirds of consumers believe that pop-up shops can help to revitalise UK retail, according to a new survey.

Online marketplace surveyed more than 1,400 consumers, finding that 70 per cent thought pop-ups can revitalise retail – though 73 per cent of them would avoid a pop-up if it was too crowded.

Three main factors would encourage the survey participants to visit a pop-up. The prospect of ‘freebies’ excited 65 per cent of them, 61 per cent like the idea of a unique experience, and 57 per cent would be motivated by access to products that are not yet available to the wider public.

However, product demonstrations and guest speakers were less popular, appealing to 22per cent and 17 per cent respectively. Half of potential visitors would be put off if there were no physical products to touch, while 47 per cent could be put off by the appearance of the store if it were poorly designed. A lack of staff to answer questions would discourage 37 per cent.

Nearly half (47 per cent) of those questioned would expect to find bargains at a pop-up, and only 7 per cent would be prepared to pay for entry.

Cookery-based pop-ups are of the most interest to shoppers, with 60 per cent naming them as appealing, followed by fashion (50 per cent), cosmetics (47 per cent), technology (40 per cent) and art (37 per cent).

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