Turning the two sides of ‘value’ into one solution for marketers

Turning the two sides of ‘value’ into one solution for marketers

Indicia and Konica Minolta Marketing Services (KMMS) have integrated into a single unified agency – Indicia Worldwide.

Indicia Worldwide drives the effectiveness of an intelligence-led communication agency with the efficiencies of a global production powerhouse. We create new value.

Indicia Worldwide launches in more than 35 countries with hubs in EMEA, North America and APAC, with existing global clients such as Stanley Black & Decker, Heineken, Unilever and Nissan.

The agency enters the market as a response to the biggest challenge in marketing: as brands push to be more efficient, the effectiveness of marketing communications is falling through the floor. Particularly as brands, looking to protect their media investment, are rapidly moving focus and investment online. The resulting wastage in time and money on minimal returns in engagement and sales continues to erode the trust businesses have in marketing.

In the midst of this pressure, Marketers’ jobs are consumed by managing chaos – suppliers, stakeholders, data and more. It’s frustrating, stressful, thankless.

The model needs to change – and that’s what Indicia Worldwide does.

“Indicia Worldwide brings together the required skills and processes, underpinned by proprietary technology, to create a lower cost and faster activation of marketing across communication channels and a consistency in adaptation across the globe,” says Indicia Worldwide Global CEO, Yves Rogivue. “And our expertise in data-led intelligence unlocks insights into strategic and creative thinking. This allows us to create more effective communications to a clear strategy by understanding consumer needs and behaviours and, most importantly, by delivering excellent execution.”

Whether we’re saving our clients’ money or increasing the return on their investment, Indicia Worldwide’s mission is to create new value across the entire remit of marketing.

KMMS and Indicia have been working as associated but separate brands since KMMS acquired Indicia in 2014. Strategically, the businesses grew closer together to deliver more joined-up services for its clients. Indicia Worldwide means we can now promise both efficiencies and effectiveness in every response to our clients.

Indicia Worldwide has been a Shop! Australia and New Zealand member for many years. Please visit their listing in the Shop! members directory >>>

For more information on Indicia Worldwide, contact Tim Lane, Managing Director – Sales Asia Pacific

+65 8402 8114 |  tim.lane@indicia.konicaminolta.com

Visit indicia.konicaminolta.com