Covid Retail Recovery Solutions

Hygienic innovations, post-COVID-19 retail solutions, and the new normal for bricks-and-mortar stores.

Insights from Shop! ANZ member Point Retail

The retail industry has always been an exceedingly volatile one and has changed suddenly at many points throughout history. We are, at current, standing in the midst of one of those landmark crossroads that both retailers and consumers must adapt to and create a new normal.

While the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding COVID-19 looms upon us, we must be reminded that by nature, retailers are adaptive and resourceful. The main obstacles that challenge today’s world of retail may well last for some time to come, and the implications on consumer behaviour could last a lifetime.

The first step in adapting to the current market reality is to accept that it is unlikely to ever go completely back to our previous state, and to start investing in this ‘new normal’.


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