Post-Covid Retail Solutions

Post-Covid Retail Solutions

Post Covid - The New Retail Norm

Some display innovations for the new retail environment by Shop! Australia and New Zealand members, Point Retail

As retail changes in response to adjusted consumer behaviour patterns post-covid, our innovative hygienic tester technology allows shoppers to engage with products and brands in new ways to enhance the experience and build consumer confidence in-store.

The technology allows shoppers to engage with brands through motion sensors or scanners to discover new features or benefits and trial products safely.

Adoption of our unique 'hygienic tester' seal offers your followers reassurance that their wellbeing is important as they interact with your product and brands.

Through innovative integration of technological elements, we create solutions to adapt to new ways in which shoppers navigate the retail environment.

TEST WITHOUT TOUCH: By unpackaging the product to express the inner ingredients or key benefits and by utilising the hygienic tester seal to communicate to shoppers allows them to interact with the display in a safe way to test and try the product without touch.

SCAN FOR MEAL INSPIRATION: Utilising the scanner on the display, the shopper can scan recipe cards to watch meal ideas instore and then take away to create at home. Forgotten a detail? Scan the QR code at home and watch it on your phone.

Create a strong brand destination whilst overcoming the practical issues of sampling fragrances in post-covid retail with hygienic testers.

Integrated with Augmented Reality, the hygienic tester technology is adopted to engage with shoppers in new ways in post-covid retail.

FEEL THE BEATS: Integrated with Augmented Reality, the hygienic tester technology is adopted to engage with shoppers in new ways in post-covid retail.

COMPLETE SENSORY EXPERIENCE: Bring your brand to life in store with a complete sensory overload using our hygienic tester technology to trigger visual content and scent dispensers.

As the modern retail environment becomes a lifestyle showroom that integrates digital elements to express more of the brand essence and product education.

Bridge the gap between the digital and physical space with real innovation through the integration of engaging elements that increase awareness.

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